When can I start swimming with my baby?

Babies can swim from birth as long as his/her cord has healed.  You don’t have to wait until baby has had their first set of immunisations, but if you have any concerns please discuss with your GP or Health Visitor.  Flutterbabies takes babies from around 12 weeks old or 12lbs.


My little one is just one year old.  Is it too late to start swimming?

No, absolutely not.  It is never too late to introduce your baby to water and we will welcome you at any age.


What does my baby need to wear?

Babies and toddlers up to the age of 3 years old must wear the double nappy system.  This consists of either a re-usable swim nappy or a disposable swim nappy (such as Huggies Little Swimmers) and then an outer neoprene nappy cover.  The outer nappy must the be the Konfidence (Neo Nappy) or Splash About (Happy Nappy) brand.  If your baby is not wearing a properly fitted branded swim nappy Flutterbabies reserve the right to refuse entry to the pool.  Ideally a wetsuit should be worn as well (especially for those under a year old), but this is not essential.


What should I bring to class?


  • Swim nappy
  • Outer nappy (see above)
  • Hooded towel
  • Hat for baby
  • Your swim kit
  • Drink/snack for baby for after class (but please don’t eat this in the changing rooms)


Should I feed my baby before class?

It is often difficult to time feeds around activities during the day and it is okay to feed tiny babies before their class.  For older babies on solids then we advise leaving an hour before swimming.


Should I shower before entering the pool?

Yes, the cleaner we keep the pool the less chemicals are needed in the water.


My baby hasn’t had a sleep today, what shall I do?

Tired babies won’t get the most from their swim so do try to get them to have a nap beforehand.  If you do need to leave the pool early if your baby has had enough, that’s not a problem just let your teacher know.


What if my baby cries?

There are many reasons why your baby may get upset in the water – they may be adjusting to the new environment and remember it is a totally new experience for them with all the different sounds and splashes.  Also, think about the timing of your class, is it close to a feed or nap time?  And be aware of normal irritants such as teething or the beginning of a cold.  The best thing to do is comfort your baby and keep on smiling.


My baby used to love the classes but now cries and clings to me every time we come.  What shall I do?

Some babies do go through this phase, commonly around the age of 12 months and it can be very frustrating.  It is important not to stop coming to classes during this time.  Your teacher will be able to help you and adjust exercises for you both.  Remember to stay positive and relaxed and as hard as it may be, keep a smile on your face!


Do I need to be able to swim?

Many parents worry about this but it’s not a problem.  The pools vary in depth and most are standing depth.  We show you how to be confident with your baby in the water.  If you relax they will take their cues from you and relax too.  We will guide you as the parent as much as you need – we want this to be a special bonding experience for both you and baby.  If you are unsure of any aspect of our classes, please ask before you book your place.


What if I miss a class?

Although it is strongly recommended that you attend regularly to support your child’s progress, we do understand when you may have to miss the occasional class.  As a goodwill gesture we are happy to offer a make-up class, although this is subject to there being a space available in a suitable class and are not guaranteed.


Do both my baby and I have to go underwater?

No, Flutterbabies understand that not all parents feel comfortable about taking their baby underwater and during our lessons we never force you or your baby to do anything that you are uncomfortable with.  We do encourage parents/carers to swim underwater if they are happy to as we work a lot on mirroring – so if baby sees you doing something they are more likely to try it too.  We never do any forced submersions – everything is done at a pace that both you and your little one are comfortable with and they are all child-led.  We teach babies to swim in a relaxed, natural and none stressful way in tune with their physical and emotional development.


Can I take photos during the lessons?

Unfortunately for Child Protection reasons we are unable to let you take photos of your little one in the pool – all our venues also have restrictions.  However, from time to time we do organise above water photographers but we will always request your permission prior to commencing the shoot.


Is it safe to put babies under water?

Babies are very natural in the water and it is safe to take them underwater as long as they are well, don’t have hiccups, are alert and happy to do so.


Do you do underwater photo shoots?

No, we don’t run these any longer as we feel we are forcing baby underwater rather than inviting them to join us in the water.


What do I do with my used nappy after swimming?

Please always take your used nappies away with you unless a clearly marked nappy bin has been provided, and never leave any in an open bin.


What happens if a class is postponed or cancelled?

All class times and venues are subject to change, however we will do our utmost to keep all classes running as planned.  If for any reason we cannot run a class we will information you as soon as possible through our Facebook page and via email and text.  If a class is cancelled due to no fault of Flutterbabies or the pool (e.g. snow), then we will do our best to reschedule the lesson.  If a class is re-scheduled you will be notified and refunds or credits will NOT be given where an alternative class is offered.  If a pool is closed for a period which means two or more lessons will be lost, then credits will be given for the following term.


What happens in a class?

When your baby is little we will teach you techniques on supporting and moving with your little one in the water and you can spend valuable time bonding together.  As your baby develops we progress onto basic techniques and moves to encourage you to swim together and develop your confidence.  All our classes are based on fun whilst little one learns safety skills.  We use songs and rhymes as well as toys to develop all of baby’s senses.  Repetition plays a key role in our teaching and our experienced teachers will keep both you and your little one interested.


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