Signing For Childcare Providers

Signing For Childcare Providers

Children in Early Years settings often develop cognitive thinking before speech meaning they know exactly what they want; yet because of their language skills are not at the same level they are often unable to communicate this.

Benefits of signing in Early Years settings include:

· Opening ways of communicating
· Can be used throughout a setting and does not need to be restricted to a certain age
· Allows children to express needs
· Allows children to express interests
· Prevents episodes of frustration and anger
· Gives children a voice
· Supports language development
· Allows children with language skills to understand children who have speech and language difficulties
. Supports EAL and SEN children
· It is fun to learn
· Children build confidence and social skills

Flutterbabies can work with your setting on implementing signing into your daily routine, providing you with resources to use with your staff and children. A qualified Primary School teacher and Signing Specialist will work with your team and deliver a series of interactive sessions your children will love!

We’ve had some astounding results within settings implementing our approach!

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