Terms & Conditions


Booking – bookings operate on a first come, first served basis.  Places are not guaranteed, they are subject to availability and will be allocated on completion of an enrolment form and payment.  Payment in full must be processed within 24 hours of completing your booking form.

Classes – parents are responsible for their baby/child whilst attending classes and they must be supervised at all times.  Any handouts are included in the cost of the course.  None of this should be copied without the prior permission of Flutterbabies.  No responsibility can be taken for loss or damage to any property or person whilst inside or outside any premises.

Refunds/Credits & Cancellations – refunds are not given once the course has started.  Credits for future courses may be given, dependent on circumstance, at our discretion.  If you miss a class, it cannot be refunded or carried over to the next course.  (Please also see sickness section below).  If you cancel your place up to 14 days before the course begins Flutterbabies shall refund your money but this will be subject to a £10.00 administration fee.  If you cancel your place during the course, then no refund shall be given.  Any cancellations due to force majeure, terrorism, war, adverse weather and pandemics will not be refunded as these are out of our control.

Sickness – if your baby/child is sick please text or e-mail and let us know.  If it is likely to be a long-term illness then please call and discuss as refunds and credits for long term illnesses are at our discretion.

Covid-19 – do not attend any session if you or your baby/child are displaying symptoms of Covid-19. Please text or email us to let us know. If you are required to self-isolate, we will do our best to move you to another course at a later date subject to availability. Where this is not possible a virtual course may be offered. By attending our sessions, you agree to comply with all health and safety procedures in place. Details provided on booking will be used for track and trace purposes should a confirmed case of Covid-19 occur within your class bubble. Should a government enforced lockdown be imposed, courses that have begun will be completed virtually with the same instructor where possible. Future courses will be credited for the next course post lockdown or attended virtually with a 10% discount offered on your next face to face course.

Child Protection – Flutterbabies takes child protection very seriously and therefore you understand that at no point during your session will photography and filming be allowed.  Photos may be taken at the end of the class of just you and your baby but permission must be obtained from the Instructor.

Complaints – if you have any complaints at all about any of our lessons etc then please contact us as soon as possible.

Certificates – instructors have available on request copies of all qualification certificates including a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) Check.  (or the equivalent for Scotland / N Ireland).

Data Protection: We are fully compliant with GDPR and would like to reassure all our participants, we only collect the necessary information that is needed for our enrolment process. This information is kept as a secure electronic file and is only shared within Flutterbabies for the period of your enrolment. We may keep in touch with you for 6 months after leaving and your enrolment information is held for tax purposes for a period of 7 years. We do not pass your information onto any third party.

During the time you are enrolled with us we will send information out to you on new classes etc. You are welcome to opt out of this at any time.

Medical Information - Medical details are held electronically.  Information is only shared with the instructor if necessary.  If you do not want Flutterbabies to hold your medical information electronically then please notify us in writing and we will ask you to complete a written form.  Flutterbabies reserves the right to dispose of personal information from the online booking system three years from the date which the child has attended their last class.

Safety – safety is at all times our paramount concern.  Flutterbabies and the venue will not be liable for any loss, damage or injury that may occur whilst on the premises.

Disclaimer – You take full responsibility for all applications of baby massage, yoga, signing that you may practice outside the Flutterbabies classes both now and in the future.

Insurance – instructors have malpractice cover with Public and Products liability extension of up to £5,000,000

September 2020


Flutterbabies takes the utmost care and attention when conducting their classes.   Your safety is paramount.  However, there is also a duty of care from each parent / guardian and child and other(s) wishing to observe the lesson.

As far as you are aware, you have disclosed to Instructor all information regarding your health and your child’s health relevant to the practice of yoga and massage on your child, and for the participation in any other Flutterbabies classes.

You take full responsibility for all applications of yoga or massage you may practice outside the Flutterbabies classes both now and in the future.  You accept that Flutterbabies does not take responsibility for any applications of yoga or massage practices described or shown in books and videos.

You fully understand that the recommendations, ideas and techniques expressed and described in Flutterbabies classes, as well as in books and videos endorsed by Flutterbabies, cannot be regarded as a substitute for the advice of qualified medical practitioners.

Any uses to which the recommendations, ideas and techniques are put are at your sole discretion and risk.

Flutterbabies, its Freelancers and Instructors do not accept any responsibility for any death, injury or loss or damage to any part of the building or hired room caused by you, your child, or those in whose care you have placed your child with or person(s) observing, resulting from any conduct, which amounts to contributory negligence whilst attending any Flutterbabies session.

We are happy to discuss any of our Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct and this Disclaimer at your time of booking.  Safety in our classes and your wellbeing is our priority.

By ticking the box on the online registration/booking form you are agreeing to and understand this disclaimer.

March 2019